The following are the Terms and Conditions of the club which you agree to when you register with Bayside Pirates Futsal Club (hereby referred to as ‘the Club’. These are as follows;

  1. All players are bound by the Bayside Pirates Futsal Club’s Rules. Bayside Pirates Futsal Club is affiliated to Football Federation Victoria (FFV). All players must be registered FFA / FFV Futsal players before they can play with the Club. New players should fill in a Registration form (which can be downloaded from this website) with the Club. The Club's Administrator will then register the player on line with the MY FOOTBALL CLUB system. Returning players can register on line themselves, if they wish, but they must pay the Club the registration fee.
  2. The Club has a ‘No Pay No Play’ policy. All players must be financial before they can play.
  3. Subscription fees are non refundable.
  4. The registration fee does have an insurance component in it. However, we strongly advise you to carefully read the FFV's Sports Insurance policies, etc, as not all injuries and medical expenses are covered by the Club’s insurance policy with the FFV’s insurers. If medical attention is required for any Junior player, in the event that neither parent or guardian is present, the Club’s Officials have the permission to seek and obtain medical treatment or hospitalization for that player. The Club will not be liable for any medical expenses, including urgent medical attention, which may not be covered by the Club’s insurance policy. It is the parents, guardians or Adult player’s responsibility to pay for any medical expenses and shortfalls incurred that is not covered by the Club’s insurance policy.All players, guardians and parents shall have no claim against the Club nor seek reimbursement from the Club, for any medical or like expenses incurred by the Club as a result of any injury suffered by any player in the course of training and / or competition. The exception being if the Club is negligent in its Duty of Care towards any players, as outlined by the FFV’s Code of Conduct.
  5. All players are bound by the Rules of the game, as outlined on FIFA’s website. Follow the Futsal Rules link. Some Rules may be modified to suit the venue’s conditions. In this case the Rules become known as ‘Local Rules’.
  6. The Club has the right to publish photographs of any players for purposes of marketing and /or promotion of club activities, provided that these photos do not include any personal details of any player. If a player’s name is to be used, then prior authorization will be obtained from the parent or guardian.
  7. All players who enter tournaments or competitions representing the Bayside Pirates Futsal Club, must wear the Club's apparel. No other Futsal or Football club's apparel can be worn while on tour.
  8. The Club has a zero tolerance towards violence and abusive behaviour, which includes swearing. Failure to comply with this policy will result in immediate expulsion from the club and no registration fees will be refunded.



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