These Rules have been implemented for the Players, Coaches and Parents safety and for their enjoyment of the game. Bayside Pirates Futsal Club, hereby known as ‘the Club’, is affiliated to Football Federation Victoria (FFV) and Football Federation Australia (FFA). All parents of Junior players are expected to conduct themselves in a civil manner towards opposing teams and Referees. Continual abuse towards Referees is unacceptable and offenders will be asked to leave our Club. 

The onus is on the Manager, Captain or Coach to ensure that the players know and understand the Rules. The Referee cannot, and will not, be held responsible for a lack of understanding of the Rules from the players. 


Our Club has a zero tolerance policy towards violent conduct and abusive behaviour. All players are expected to play in a friendly and professional manner while respecting their opposition. Swearing and abusive behaviour are not acceptable at our Club and offending players and parents will be asked to leave. Subscriptions will not be refunded. 



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